Precious Beauties

This is to all the women out there, who think low about themselves, who see themselves as worthless, who lose heart.

We may appear physically weak, people might consider us as lower than themselves, but we aren’t what others think we are. We are what God thinks we are. And guess what He thinks about us- precious than diamonds.

We are valuable to God and to others, God himself created us, He nourishes us, He cares for us and He protects us. God has created us with a purpose, an eternal purpose, to sparkle, to Shine and to be a valuable gem for His Kingdom.

We might think about ourselves in a negative way, but that means that we do not trust in our creator. We do not trust or believe that He has created us to accomplish great things. As someone once said – God creates no junk! How true it is. We are so much worth than any diamond.

So let us bear this in mind and keep our faith on God who is our creator. Let us not think about ourselves as worthless or a piece of junk but as God’s precious people whom He created with His Own design.

12 thoughts on “Precious Beauties”

      1. Yes, I do. I publish them on my blog “Racheal’s Novels”. So far, all the novels on my blog is the “Zion” trilogy, but after I finish that, I will publish other stories of mine on my blog.


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